Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding your FIAT. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question remains unanswered; we’d love to hear from you!”



How often does my oil need to be changed?

For 500 Pop, Sport, and Lounge it is recommended to change the oil every 5,000 km or 6 months (whichever comes first). For vehicles that are turbo-charged and use synthetic oil (500 Turbo, Abarth, 500X & 500L), it’s recommended every 10,000 km or 1 year (again, whichever comes first).

Why does the mileage or time frame between oil changes matter?

The oil in your engine is used over the course of the mileage put on the vehicle, and becomes dirty which affects the lubrication of your engine. Also, the oil put into your engine contains many other additives besides oil itself, and these additives break down over time and need to be replaced. This is why oil changes are recommended using the timeframe or mileage of the vehicle, whichever one comes first.

How long does an oil change take?

Usually between 1.5 to 2 hours, but we book appointments for 3-hour time slots just in case anything else comes up and to make sure your car gets the attention it deserves.


Is my vehicle still under warranty?

That depends on when you bought the vehicle! Every new FIAT comes with a standard 3yr/60,000km basic warranty, and a 5yr/100,000km powertrain warranty, and there are optional extended coverages. To find out your vehicle’s coverage, please give us a call.

Will my warranty cover what is wrong with my vehicle?

Until our technicians diagnose the issue, and our Service Manager sends the information to FIAT Canada for warranty approval, we can’t guarantee the issue will be covered under your warranty. Please call to speak with our Service Department as each case is dependent upon many factors.

What are my mobility options while I wait for my car to be finished in your shop?

You are welcome to sit and wait in our customer lounge where we have an espresso machine, Italian biscotti, and the latest newspaper. We are also within walking distance to both Mayfair Mall and Uptown shopping centres. We can provide taxi fare to the amount of $15 both ways, or one of our staff could shuttle you to where you need to go. There are also three Courtesy Vehicles that we can offer depending on availability.

Why should I bring my FIAT to your service department?

We are proud to represent FIAT here in Victoria, and we strive to make each service appointment seamless and stress-free. From the time you book your appointment, to the time your FIAT is ready to go, you’ll be taken care of like family. Our goal is to take care of your FIAT and ensure you are confident behind the wheel knowing it’s been serviced by FIAT specialized technicians at a dealership that cares.


What is the difference between my CHECK ENGINE LIGHT and my GENERAL WARNING light and what do they look like?

Your check engine light looks like the outline of an engine and will come on when something is amiss in your engine or transmission. Your general warning light is a triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle and will come on for many reasons (such as a burnt out bulb).

My check engine light is on. What does that mean?

It could mean many, many different things. It is best to bring the vehicle here for our technicians to scan for the issue.

Is my vehicle safe to drive when the check engine light is on?

Yes, but the light is on for a reason and the sooner the problem is addressed, the better. If your check engine light is flashing, DO NOT DRIVE your vehicle. Call us here or roadside assistance.

My general warning light is on. What does this mean?

When you start your car, the instrument cluster in the dashboard will flash the warning message to you letting you know why the general warning light is on. There are many reasons the light could go on, it is best to bring the vehicle in to address the issue.


My tire pressure sensor says my tires are low. Does this mean I have a flat?

Not necessarily. Your tire pressure sensors are very sensitive, and it could just mean that your tires need to be slightly adjusted. Changes between warm and cold weather can affect tire pressures.

What should my tire pressures be set at?

There are many recommended tire pressures for different FIATS, and to find the pressure recommended for your vehicle there is a placard in the inside door jamb of the driver’s door with the appropriate PSI for both front and rear tires. If you are unsure, feel free to bring the vehicle to us and our technicians will be happy to reset the tire pressures. The sensors will reset after a few km’s.

How often should I change my cabin air filter?

Every 2 years or 20,000 kms.

How do I know when I need new tires?

When the remaining tread is less than 3mm, or when the tires are older than 6 or 7 years.

How often should my tires be rotated?

This depends on many things, but generally this should be done roughly every second service of the vehicle, as determined by technicians upon inspection.

What is a brake fluid flush and why is it important?

A brake fluid flush is simply replacing your brake fluid. This absolutely needs to be done every two years regardless of mileage, as the fluid collects any water in your brake lines over that period. In order to maintain expensive components in your braking system and for the safe operation of the vehicle, the used brake fluid needs to be replaced.

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